the black line

The breath is heavy, the arms are weak, the legs are struggling to keep up with their leading counterparts, and the mind is bouncing from breath to arms to legs to….

follow that black line… just keep following the black line.

Then in less than a gasp all thoughts dissolve, weighty physicality disappears and awareness shines on the effortless rhythmic experience of…

breath in

breath out

swinging arms

kicking legs

beautiful sunshine

warm blue water

and joy… yes joy, as the body slips into its natural rhythm.

The moment lasts for maybe half a lap until the wall signals the end of another… what number is that?

Pause, take a breath, turn, push off and it’s a change of stroke. Breast stroke. A childhood favourite. A chance to take in the scenery, enjoy the sunshine, stretch the body in full length as arms glide out in front, and legs kick back behind like a frog making its way across a pond.

Swimming twenty or so laps has become a thrice weekly ritual of late. It’s a great all rounder in exercise and a life-line when morning melancholy is lurking in the shallows.

What a blessing to have this fifty metre outdoor pool just ten minutes from home. What a blessing to enjoy the sensual pleasure of slipping into warm water and heading down a lane with a black line in sight, until it can’t be remembered how many laps have been travelled. What a blessing to have the lurking of melancholy to motivate the movement to this beautiful pool, amongst friendly folks, that also love this morning ritual. Mx

Image: Mullumbimby Pool on Instagram at MelindaBlairPaterson


2 thoughts on “the black line

    1. Thank you Marga. Kind of you to comment. I’m off again this morning to enter this silent watery world and become lost in breath and black line. The seasons are changing here… summer to autumn and the pool closes at the end of this month. It’s been a very long hot summer and the cooler air is a welcome change. Mx



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