the feminine face

Untitled -  2014 - Melinda Blair Paterson
Untitled – 2014 – Melinda Blair Paterson

This week I received an email newsletter from SAND (Science and Non Duality). You may have heard of them? They are an organisation that promote wonderful teachers in these fields, and hold a number of popular conferences throughout the year both in America and Europe, that discuss the nature of Consciousness. So it was a delight when I opened this beautiful email of images and information inviting me to view a new short film they had created titled ‘Exploring the Nature of Consciousness‘. I grabbed myself a cuppa and sat back to enjoy.

The opening images of streaming soft sunlight, people moving through nature, and calming music immediately set the tone to relax and receive. The first teacher appeared on screen to share… a man, then another and another. It did cut to an image of a beautiful young blond woman looking up into the camera with a gentle gaze. She never spoke. The next teacher came on screen…. a man. (Hmmm there might be a pattern here?) There were a few more images of women throughout the 6 minute video, one playing a cello on the beach, another looking into the sunset, and even a beautiful woman dancing whilst bathed in sunlight. Not one of these women spoke. The whole short film was of male teachers speaking about the nature of Consciousness. The video ended and I just sat there, not sure what to do with the sense of rising anger and the question:

Where are the women (teachers)?

It seemed that even though the film had been beautifully and thoughtfully crafted, it felt such a repeat of the old paradigm using only the male face of Life (God) to share information. Where were the women in this field? Surely I’m not the only one watching this short film noticing an obvious lack of the intelligent female face of Life, other than what appeared to be in the role of eye candy! Which brings me to another question. Why were the women all young?
Please SANDs (and the majority of media on this planet today) do not insult my innate intelligence, wisdom and knowing by offering the male form as THE only authority on a subject, and in particular, Consciousness. For the truth is Consciousness is neither male or female, and yet creates itself in both forms.

As my dear friend Miriam Louisa of This Unlit Light wrote recently on the same subject in her poem…

when you know yourself

you know that there is nothing that is not God

you know that the face of God
is the Face of faces
you know It as both He and She
and neither: nada

Please know I have nothing against men, and in particular, male teachers, as I respectfully acknowledge the gifts and pointing I have received from both Adyashanti and Rupert Spira. However, having journeyed for over thirty years through the maze of 80s, 90s, and 00s of spiritual teachings, it is only in recent years I have thankfully found women (teachers) to help balance my deeply conditioned experience of the unconscious patriarchal authoritative culture we live in.

And yes slowly, ever so slowly, as each person awakens to the truth of who they are, this is changing. Which is why I feel when we are aware and have the opportunity to share wisdom, particularly on the subject of Consciousness, we present the Face of Truth, of Life, of God, as equally from both men and women. Mx

ps… Miriam Louisa has also created a page on her blog This Unlit Light titled: wideawake women, which came into being to highlight the fact that there are many clear and quietly powerful women pointing to the Great Perfection, each in their own way. Bless you Miriam. x


4 thoughts on “the feminine face

  1. Amazing that in the 21st Century we should still see this kind of odd perception and inability to see nor appreciate half of humankind. it is truly mindboggling, its like saying we only believe in night and do not believe in day. Still, much of the world, unfortunatley, is like this. Your friends blog does a lot to balance the equation. thankyou for this post,

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    1. Thanks Debbie for your kind words and insight. I’m just amazed that in areas where you would presume awareness there is still the conditioning at play. Much love to you in your world. Mx


  2. I’m disappointed at what you encountered, but I can’t say I’m surprised. This annoys me in particular because, though I’m male, most of the mentors I’ve had in both my professional and spiritual journeys have been women. I find the fact that all the women were young particularly galling. I’m not even going to ask about race because I fear that it would another level of disappointment. Thank you for noticing and not being afraid to name what you saw.

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    1. Thank you MA for commenting. How wonderful that the majority of mentors in your professional and spiritual life have been women. I’m happy to let you know there was a mixture of race depicted in the film, at least they got the balance there. 🙂 Mx



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