In February a dear friend pointed me towards the live Satsangs that were commencing in Rishikesh, India, with Mooji. I had attended a silent retreat of his via live broadcast last year, delighting in his clarity and pointing, however it seemed a ‘one off’ experience. So I was somewhat surprised to find myself, yet again, sitting in a friend’s lounge room watching Mooji, transfixed to the tv screen feeling deeply moved. This first Satsang became one of many as I sat at home each afternoon participating with some 2000 people in Rishikesh, and who knows how many others tuning in around the world.

As the weeks went by, the Satsang questions moved from ‘wisdom’ questions about personal problems or understandings to ‘freedom’ questions for awareness and awakening. After week three the whole mood and energy of the Satsangs changed as a steady flow of people stepped up to the microphone and began following Mooji’s pointings into experiencing the truth of their being.  And here I was, sitting on a cushion on the floor, watching it all on my 13inch Mac screen, feeling as though I too was sitting in Rishikesh, riding the wave home.

Thank you Mooji.

I am never sure where or when the next pointing comes, or what piece it plays in the  experience of evolving with Awareness. Perhaps it is in retrospect I am able to allow the mind to provide a story of ‘this goes with that’ speculation. As always, I am deeply grateful for the pointings, noticing more and more everything is a pointing, and for the wonderful beings that play their part, some of whom I’m lucky enough to call friends.


ps… if you’d like to watch some of the recently recorded Satsangs with Mooji in Rishikesh,  you can find many of them here on his YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Photos with Mooji



the invitation

the invitation by Melinda Blair Paterson

A morning to stop, stay in bed, and catch up on some emails and reading. You know, the ones you  left ‘unread’ in your inbox or ‘bookmarked’ in your browser to come back to, hoping you will!

I have recently discovered the written works of Dorothy Hunt, meditation and spiritual teacher from  Moon Mountain Sangha in California. I felt deeply touched by her expression so I emailed her to ask if she had a newsletter or blog I could follow. She graciously replied pointing to her website where I discovered her poetry. The following was the first I read this morning from a series of beautiful poems available on her site –

The Invitation

When God comes in your house
it is only by your invitation,
but even your invitation is God’s,
for she has always been
landlady and tenant,
windows and walls,
the fire in your hearth
and the cold wind blowing at your door.

At first, her visits seem so welcome.
She brings tea and cookies and loves you
so sweetly inside your own heart.
You keep inviting her back
by your prayers and meditations,
imagining you’ve found the one you always wanted
who will hold you on her endless lap
and take away your pain forever.

But pretty soon, she starts arriving
unexpectedly, at odd hours of the day and night,
and every time she comes,
she takes something away–

continued here…

Reading this poem today reminded me of a moment last Sunday; standing in the middle of the kitchen, where Knowing announced: You are no longer responsible for your partner’s sexual needs. What?… and as I looked within for the hook, pattern, belief,  thought, or conditioned response on such a delicate intimate relationship matter; it could no longer be found. It was gone!

But pretty soon, she starts arriving
unexpectedly, at odd hours of the day and night,
and every time she comes,
she takes something away–

I wasn’t sure how I was going to broach the matter with my partner, however as usual, I just wait and, if necessary, the moment arrives.

It was only in the expressing to him: I realise I am no longer responsible for your sexual needs, did I reflect and understand how much of my life as a woman had been run on a conditioned belief, opposite, to what was now here in Truth.

The relief, spaciousness and freedom is palpable.  Mx


the feminine face

Untitled -  2014 - Melinda Blair Paterson
Untitled – 2014 – Melinda Blair Paterson

This week I received an email newsletter from SAND (Science and Non Duality). You may have heard of them? They are an organisation that promote wonderful teachers in these fields, and hold a number of popular conferences throughout the year both in America and Europe, that discuss the nature of Consciousness. So it was a delight when I opened this beautiful email of images and information inviting me to view a new short film they had created titled ‘Exploring the Nature of Consciousness‘. I grabbed myself a cuppa and sat back to enjoy.

The opening images of streaming soft sunlight, people moving through nature, and calming music immediately set the tone to relax and receive. The first teacher appeared on screen to share… a man, then another and another. It did cut to an image of a beautiful young blond woman looking up into the camera with a gentle gaze. She never spoke. The next teacher came on screen…. a man. (Hmmm there might be a pattern here?) There were a few more images of women throughout the 6 minute video, one playing a cello on the beach, another looking into the sunset, and even a beautiful woman dancing whilst bathed in sunlight. Not one of these women spoke. The whole short film was of male teachers speaking about the nature of Consciousness. The video ended and I just sat there, not sure what to do with the sense of rising anger and the question:

Where are the women (teachers)?

It seemed that even though the film had been beautifully and thoughtfully crafted, it felt such a repeat of the old paradigm using only the male face of Life (God) to share information. Where were the women in this field? Surely I’m not the only one watching this short film noticing an obvious lack of the intelligent female face of Life, other than what appeared to be in the role of eye candy! Which brings me to another question. Why were the women all young?
Please SANDs (and the majority of media on this planet today) do not insult my innate intelligence, wisdom and knowing by offering the male form as THE only authority on a subject, and in particular, Consciousness. For the truth is Consciousness is neither male or female, and yet creates itself in both forms.

As my dear friend Miriam Louisa of This Unlit Light wrote recently on the same subject in her poem…

when you know yourself

you know that there is nothing that is not God

you know that the face of God
is the Face of faces
you know It as both He and She
and neither: nada

Please know I have nothing against men, and in particular, male teachers, as I respectfully acknowledge the gifts and pointing I have received from both Adyashanti and Rupert Spira. However, having journeyed for over thirty years through the maze of 80s, 90s, and 00s of spiritual teachings, it is only in recent years I have thankfully found women (teachers) to help balance my deeply conditioned experience of the unconscious patriarchal authoritative culture we live in.

And yes slowly, ever so slowly, as each person awakens to the truth of who they are, this is changing. Which is why I feel when we are aware and have the opportunity to share wisdom, particularly on the subject of Consciousness, we present the Face of Truth, of Life, of God, as equally from both men and women. Mx

ps… Miriam Louisa has also created a page on her blog This Unlit Light titled: wideawake women, which came into being to highlight the fact that there are many clear and quietly powerful women pointing to the Great Perfection, each in their own way. Bless you Miriam. x


This blog originated on the Blogger platform in July 2012. The intention was, and still is, to share my thoughts and experiences of waking up (if I can be so bold to assume that’s happening) and interact with people experiencing the same.

transfer - Melinda Blair Paterson

Nearly two years later with no followers, (sorry I lie, there is one and I am deeply grateful to him) I find myself prompted by a friend to start the Blogging 101 online course with WordPress. Don’t get me wrong, and this is going to sound silly, but I really didn’t mind my blog being somewhat invisible. It gave me a sense of freedom to just write when I felt prompted and for my own pleasure. Now I’m feeling a bit braver and have a yearning to connect with people who are interested in non duality, awareness, awakening and truth.

When I was transferring this blog over this week I had to go back through each post and put in the Tags (it’s part of the back-end of WordPress blogging). This meant I also had to read every old post and find the key words and phrases. This exercise opened my eyes to where my perspective was nearly two years ago, and is now. I can see these writings/postings have become a kind of journal, a record, of my questioning and experiencing whilst walking the ‘waking up in Byron’ journey. I felt a quiet warmth in my heart about that, and I wish to acknowledge some of the people that have made this journey to date so rich, including: my dear friend Kathy, non duality teachers Rupert Spira and Adyashanti, Miriam Louisa Simons and her amazing blogs – the awakened eye, this unlit light, wondering mind studio and echoes from emptiness, and dearest to my heart, my partner – Alistair McKinnon.

I hope if you find your way here that you will join me and share your perspectives and experiencing also. I’d love that. 🙂

Cheers Mx

melinda blair paterson

Natural Awareness

A few months ago I was introduced to the world of Instagram. At first I couldn’t see why my friends were so enthusiastic about it. However, as I started to take more photos with my iPhone and see how they could be enhanced using apps, together with meeting other creatives and seeing their amazing images from all around the world… I too became hooked! It’s now a daily experience that I very much enjoy as an artist. My approach to taking a photo is pretty simple. I carry my phone with me just about everywhere and when something catches my eye I take the shot. This way it feels like it’s those spontaneous mindless prompts from within that capture the best shots. Having taken and posted over 400 images now on Instagram and Facebook, I’m seeing that those little prompts are mostly towards images of Nature… seascapes, cloudscapes, landscapes, flowers, shells, rocks, animals etc. Pretty much anything that is of itself in it’s natural state. I heard Rupert Spira speak recently on a video about Art and he explained how the human being is naturally drawn towards Nature as a reflection of his/her own natural state or awareness. I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you today. I hope you enjoy them.

Cheers Mx

Rainy day collage etc

It’s certainly been awhile since I posted to this blog. I’ve been waiting for something to move me or inspire me to write! Nothing has come, or if it did, it fell away faster than I was able to gather the thoughts and pound the keys to express it. What has happened however, is I’ve started a daily artistic expression and am loving this. You see, where I live has been deluged by constant rain over the past month, including a cyclone and I’ve been flooded in. So lots of time to sit, be, and watch in which I’ve started to listen to some videos from Rupert Spira. This helps me move into a mindless space, and it’s from here I pick up the blank page, pencils, scrap paper and images and start to play. Somewhere along the way something Rupert says drops in and that becomes the name of the piece I’ve created. Sometimes there seems to be a noticeable coherence between the title and the piece… sometimes not. What I’m loving is the feeling of freedom in my artistic expression that it doesn’t matter. I thought I’d share a few with you. Mx

giving this understanding back to you

the mind is not party to this

would you have any knowledge of a foot or a floor?

the Universe will find ways of letting you know that you are treating it in a way that is in line with reality

it felt like a distraction for whom?

like death there is nothing to grab onto (Suzuki Roshi)

how are you relating to this?

the transposition to what we understand

To teacher or to non teacher?

image by melinda blair paterson

Do I need a non duality teacher? That’s been the question of late…and it seems for others too. I opened a post today from Non Duality America  – Q&A with Dr Robert Saltzman #2 on this very subject… but first I’d like to to go back a bit…

Like many of you, over the years I have thrown myself into various spiritual beliefs and had a few teachers along the way. Well kind of. My first experience of a spiritual teacher, to whom I totally surrendered my life much to my family’s concern, ended up having a nervous breakdown and me running for the hills. After that I became aware of the word ‘cult’ and was a little reluctant to place so much faith in any one person. So what did I do? I joined the Catholic Church. Why? Safety in history and numbers me thinks! Well… it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Yep… the church became my next teacher… which didn’t last long due to the amazingly obvious outdated beliefs, a very arrogant priest denying me absolution of my sins as I was living with my ‘to be’ husband (it was 1997)… and too many incredibly boring sermons on Sundays.  I did like the singing and candles bit… and Jesus of course… he was a bit of a spunk.  So I left and took my Jesus into New Ageism and Christ Consciousness,  only to find a man that apparently channeled Jesus himself. Wow!… this was much more entertaining. Unfortunately this guy turned out to be low on the integrity scales and after a rather messy sex scandal with some of the ‘ashram’ members, I found myself in a clueless, cult-less, and teacher-less de-sha-vue… vowing never do it again.

Ahh yes….”how soon we forget“…. is the seeker’s mantra!

It wasn’t long and I found another bloke that was sprouting forth about ‘non-authority’ as a way to live life… which sounded great except for the problem of him wanting a lot of say over my choices in life. It was at this point that I really decided to step out of the spiritual seeking merry-go-round, be they individuals or groups, and go it alone.

It was a couple of years before I even let myself near any spiritual teachings… or so I thought.  No!… this was different, this was practical, this was about getting my life together after years of floating about with my head in the clouds… this was Manifesting! Yes I joined the millions in the teachings of ‘The Secret’ and started my own group! Ahhh… no more teachers for me, I was the master of my own destiny now!

Of course, nothing really changed, and I became quite exhausted with these practices… enter Kathy and the non-duality teachings. Now as I’ve said before, it took me a couple of years to embrace, let alone start to understand these teachings, but over time I have listened to the words of Adyashanti, Jackie O’Keeffe, Scott Kiloby, Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira etc… and of course my friend Kathy.  Which leads me to the question that arose about a week ago… do I need a non-duality teacher?

Coincidentally I was listening to a radio broadcast by Adyashanti last week, followed by a video on YouTube called Western Masters of Non Duality (highly recommended) featuring Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira, Greg Goode and Jeff Foster.  They all said a teacher was not necessary but can be helpful. So I took my question to Kathy… in a round-a-bout way. I asked her if she would call herself a ‘teacher’? She said no. What I really wanted to ask was ‘Would you be my teacher?‘, but somehow the words just wouldn’t come out of my mouth.  She went onto say I didn’t need one. I heard the clarity in this, together with a resonance in my body, and after a few days a peace within. So it was with great interest today, when I opened the Non Duality America post, to see that Dr Robert Saltzman calls himself a ‘non teacher’ and says…

At a certain point, advice and words from anyone—Nisargadatta, Ramana, or the man in the moon—cease to have meaning. Those words may have served as a pointer along the way, and that’s fine, but sooner or later you will have to forget ALL those words and go it alone. This is why it is said that if you meet the Buddha in the road, kill him. If you do not kill the Buddha, you will remain forever a disciple and never actually find the ground of your OWN being… (continued here)

I like that. Mx