In February a dear friend pointed me towards the live Satsangs that were commencing in Rishikesh, India, with Mooji. I had attended a silent retreat of his via live broadcast last year, delighting in his clarity and pointing, however it seemed a ‘one off’ experience. So I was somewhat surprised to find myself, yet again, sitting in a friend’s lounge room watching Mooji, transfixed to the tv screen feeling deeply moved. This first Satsang became one of many as I sat at home each afternoon participating with some 2000 people in Rishikesh, and who knows how many others tuning in around the world.

As the weeks went by, the Satsang questions moved from ‘wisdom’ questions about personal problems or understandings to ‘freedom’ questions for awareness and awakening. After week three the whole mood and energy of the Satsangs changed as a steady flow of people stepped up to the microphone and began following Mooji’s pointings into experiencing the truth of their being.  And here I was, sitting on a cushion on the floor, watching it all on my 13inch Mac screen, feeling as though I too was sitting in Rishikesh, riding the wave home.

Thank you Mooji.

I am never sure where or when the next pointing comes, or what piece it plays in the  experience of evolving with Awareness. Perhaps it is in retrospect I am able to allow the mind to provide a story of ‘this goes with that’ speculation. As always, I am deeply grateful for the pointings, noticing more and more everything is a pointing, and for the wonderful beings that play their part, some of whom I’m lucky enough to call friends.


ps… if you’d like to watch some of the recently recorded Satsangs with Mooji in Rishikesh,  you can find many of them here on his YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Photos with Mooji



Presence Process


For the past six months I have been moving with a process called The Presence Process by Michael Brown. It’s a 10 week program that is simple, and accessed by simply buying a book. Yes… that’s it! No courses, workshops or retreats to attend. No huge dent in your bank balance. Just a $20 book. I love the feeling of integrity and self-empowerment of this.

The Presence Process was recommended to me by a friend late last year. I bought the book, read it, and started the first 10 week cycle. It is recommended to do it thrice.

What began as a simple application of breath, meditation, mindfulness, and a few tools to process the uncomfortable arisings, evolved into a deep delve into physical, mental and emotional territory long forgotten and hidden from current view.

I don’t feel to share the details, as I believe everyone’s journey is unique and specific to their own life’s experience, however, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in awareness, and the integration of patterns and imprints we all tend to accumulate from life’s journey. And before you dismiss it and say “Oh I’ve done all that!” (which is what I thought too), check in and see if there isn’t a deeper pull to take a look. You may be surprised, as I was, to find what’s been hidden away all this time while you’ve diligently been sorting out ‘the me’ on this ‘spiritual’ journey.

If you’d like to know more, I suggest taking a look at Michael’s website here, and/or purchasing the book. I alway use the Book Depository as they offer free delivery. Michael suggests reading the book, even if you don’t do the process, as it provides a wonderful enquiry for taking a good look at some patterns that may still be ‘running’ the show.


what now?

effortless tension (wip) – melinda blair paterson – acrylic on canvas – 2016

The stats show it’s been eight months since I was last active on this blog. Where did that time go? What happened? The mind struggles to find a reference point. Past timeframes seem to quickly slip away these days, like an outgoing tide.

One thing I can remember is a few months ago I realised I was creating a lot of suffering for myself around the question – What the @#%& am I doing with my life? This question had been taunting me for too long, to the point where I realised it was not only boring myself, but probably all those that had ever bothered to listen. God bless them!

Interestingly,  once the suffering was seen and acknowledged the question like mist evaporated and morphed into – What next? This played itself out for a week or two until I realised it wasn’t sitting comfortably in my body. When I felt into it there was a pulling sensation that was drawing my attention out of the body always leading to an idea of an object or a future timeframe. Again, once seen and acknowledged the question dissolved and morphed into – What now?

Simultaneously the suffering evaporated, relief was felt in the body, and an allowing space of inner contentment and joy quietly made itself known. A few weeks have now passed. The question is still held lightly as I go about my day. There is little planning it seems, with a freedom to respond to whatever the day asks. Little or no disturbance when unexpected twists and turns take form, while the mind’s expectations effortlessly fall away.

I’ve had a few opportunities come towards me which the mind loves to make into a story: This must be the answer to my question, and subsequently very nearly entered into some new endeavours; only to hear myself say: No thank you, and decline the invitation at the last moment.

So here I sit… watching and gently inquiring – What now?, waiting and quietly responding in the moment, and occasionally picking up the paint brush to play. 🙂


out here

I’ve recently come across this blog ‘life as improv’ and am delighting in the intimate clarity of sharing from its author, Marga. This post hit a note with me and thankfullly Marga has granted me the opportunity to share it with you. Enjoy. Mx

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Life as Improv

The crispy shells of the rice stalks

stir up

in the breeze,

murmuring as as I pass by.

These tall brown ancestors of last year’s crop

stand by to guide the green shoots rising up –

I listen to the rustling

of a whole tribe  –

I am back and they remember me.

I am spending so much time alone

I am learning to hear

way down

for the way

that I am one

yet integral –

all alone, so far away,

yet never by myself,

except when I turn on

the radio of my thoughts

and forget even where I am.

The only togetherness

I long for is this oneness

and I wish to only be

near another

who is listening in this way

to the wind, the pattern in the crickets

as they turn on one by one at dusk.

It is enough to know the gift of aloneness;

it is enough…

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