there is relief

There is relief in a glimpse of blue sky

whilst wandering through grass of open fields

and picking up feathers along the way.

There is relief standing with still creek water

feeling the crack of falling branches

whilst others remain entwined like lovers reaching for the light.

There is relief.



the invitation

the invitation by Melinda Blair Paterson

A morning to stop, stay in bed, and catch up on some emails and reading. You know, the ones you  left ‘unread’ in your inbox or ‘bookmarked’ in your browser to come back to, hoping you will!

I have recently discovered the written works of Dorothy Hunt, meditation and spiritual teacher from  Moon Mountain Sangha in California. I felt deeply touched by her expression so I emailed her to ask if she had a newsletter or blog I could follow. She graciously replied pointing to her website where I discovered her poetry. The following was the first I read this morning from a series of beautiful poems available on her site –

The Invitation

When God comes in your house
it is only by your invitation,
but even your invitation is God’s,
for she has always been
landlady and tenant,
windows and walls,
the fire in your hearth
and the cold wind blowing at your door.

At first, her visits seem so welcome.
She brings tea and cookies and loves you
so sweetly inside your own heart.
You keep inviting her back
by your prayers and meditations,
imagining you’ve found the one you always wanted
who will hold you on her endless lap
and take away your pain forever.

But pretty soon, she starts arriving
unexpectedly, at odd hours of the day and night,
and every time she comes,
she takes something away–

continued here…

Reading this poem today reminded me of a moment last Sunday; standing in the middle of the kitchen, where Knowing announced: You are no longer responsible for your partner’s sexual needs. What?… and as I looked within for the hook, pattern, belief,  thought, or conditioned response on such a delicate intimate relationship matter; it could no longer be found. It was gone!

But pretty soon, she starts arriving
unexpectedly, at odd hours of the day and night,
and every time she comes,
she takes something away–

I wasn’t sure how I was going to broach the matter with my partner, however as usual, I just wait and, if necessary, the moment arrives.

It was only in the expressing to him: I realise I am no longer responsible for your sexual needs, did I reflect and understand how much of my life as a woman had been run on a conditioned belief, opposite, to what was now here in Truth.

The relief, spaciousness and freedom is palpable.  Mx


waiting in nothing

Image: waiting for nothing by melinda blair paterson
Image: waiting in nothing by MelindaBlairPaterson (instagram)

It’s a curious thing ‘purpose’? Apparently it is only in recent times the concept of purpose, life’s purpose, meaningful work, bringing our gift to the world (need I go on) etc, has been introduced to our modern culture; and subsequently sold a lot of books, tapes (yes I remember those), cds, dvds, workshops and private consultations to us all. I found out this week in a clever and entertaining video called ‘How to find fulfilling work’, that before the industrial revolution there were approximately 2,000 trades available, now there is some half a million to choose from. This alone must create a sense of anxiety and stress for people today.

I remember when I went to see the ‘career counsellor’ in my final year of high school. She asked what I wanted to do after leaving school, to which I confidently announced:  Travel, Fashion or Advertising. She laughed and said condescendingly, ‘good luck’. If my memory serves me right she offered:  Nursing or Secretarial, neither of which were exciting or glamorous to my young mind and heart at the time. Her lack of encouragement only served to fuel my ambition. It took another seven years to experience all three industries, before realising none were ‘glamorous’. The pull of the spiritual path had begun. Ironically, I did end up completing secretarial and computer studies to become a top flight PA for over ten years, evolving into a project manager before leaving the corporate world, burnt out and disillusioned. The call of the spiritual path was well and truly ringing loud in my ears by now.

Ah yes… the spiritual path… ‘really’ living the experience of seeking, especially seeking one’s purpose in life, which took the expression here of vibrational healer, light worker, and spiritual artist before collapsing into nothing. My new career path became – Nothing.  It’s been about five years now. I’ve watched as ideas of doing have come and gone, dabbling here and there dissolve, and even pushing into new working frontiers wobble and collapse.

In recent days I’ve felt and heard myself say to friends:  I’m ready to start working again. I’m noticing a sense of expansion and strength in my body. I’ve taken up swimming, socialising more, and am back at the desk drawing or writing most days. I have absolutely no idea what the ‘work’ will be? Maybe it’s just another arising of an idea or feeling that will fade and disappear like so many others have in the past? Or maybe something will form long enough for expression into the world to occur? What I am aware of is there can’t be any sense of ‘push’ anymore. It’s like that is an ancient, out of date, way of being. And so I wait, I swim,  and I doodle.

Some days I feel like that character of ‘Dory’ in the movie Nemo, as I hear her say… “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” It makes me smile and gives an answer to the mind that is always wanting to know what it is I am supposed to be doing with my life? And yes there are days when I  envy loved ones that appear to be ‘on purpose’  working at their dreams.  Yet when I remember to relax, rest back, gaze into nature, and allow the moment to be as it is, there is a deep sense of peace and spaciousness. All is well, waiting in nothing. Mx










the feminine face

Untitled -  2014 - Melinda Blair Paterson
Untitled – 2014 – Melinda Blair Paterson

This week I received an email newsletter from SAND (Science and Non Duality). You may have heard of them? They are an organisation that promote wonderful teachers in these fields, and hold a number of popular conferences throughout the year both in America and Europe, that discuss the nature of Consciousness. So it was a delight when I opened this beautiful email of images and information inviting me to view a new short film they had created titled ‘Exploring the Nature of Consciousness‘. I grabbed myself a cuppa and sat back to enjoy.

The opening images of streaming soft sunlight, people moving through nature, and calming music immediately set the tone to relax and receive. The first teacher appeared on screen to share… a man, then another and another. It did cut to an image of a beautiful young blond woman looking up into the camera with a gentle gaze. She never spoke. The next teacher came on screen…. a man. (Hmmm there might be a pattern here?) There were a few more images of women throughout the 6 minute video, one playing a cello on the beach, another looking into the sunset, and even a beautiful woman dancing whilst bathed in sunlight. Not one of these women spoke. The whole short film was of male teachers speaking about the nature of Consciousness. The video ended and I just sat there, not sure what to do with the sense of rising anger and the question:

Where are the women (teachers)?

It seemed that even though the film had been beautifully and thoughtfully crafted, it felt such a repeat of the old paradigm using only the male face of Life (God) to share information. Where were the women in this field? Surely I’m not the only one watching this short film noticing an obvious lack of the intelligent female face of Life, other than what appeared to be in the role of eye candy! Which brings me to another question. Why were the women all young?
Please SANDs (and the majority of media on this planet today) do not insult my innate intelligence, wisdom and knowing by offering the male form as THE only authority on a subject, and in particular, Consciousness. For the truth is Consciousness is neither male or female, and yet creates itself in both forms.

As my dear friend Miriam Louisa of This Unlit Light wrote recently on the same subject in her poem…

when you know yourself

you know that there is nothing that is not God

you know that the face of God
is the Face of faces
you know It as both He and She
and neither: nada

Please know I have nothing against men, and in particular, male teachers, as I respectfully acknowledge the gifts and pointing I have received from both Adyashanti and Rupert Spira. However, having journeyed for over thirty years through the maze of 80s, 90s, and 00s of spiritual teachings, it is only in recent years I have thankfully found women (teachers) to help balance my deeply conditioned experience of the unconscious patriarchal authoritative culture we live in.

And yes slowly, ever so slowly, as each person awakens to the truth of who they are, this is changing. Which is why I feel when we are aware and have the opportunity to share wisdom, particularly on the subject of Consciousness, we present the Face of Truth, of Life, of God, as equally from both men and women. Mx

ps… Miriam Louisa has also created a page on her blog This Unlit Light titled: wideawake women, which came into being to highlight the fact that there are many clear and quietly powerful women pointing to the Great Perfection, each in their own way. Bless you Miriam. x

out here

I’ve recently come across this blog ‘life as improv’ and am delighting in the intimate clarity of sharing from its author, Marga. This post hit a note with me and thankfullly Marga has granted me the opportunity to share it with you. Enjoy. Mx

Reblog from:

Life as Improv

The crispy shells of the rice stalks

stir up

in the breeze,

murmuring as as I pass by.

These tall brown ancestors of last year’s crop

stand by to guide the green shoots rising up –

I listen to the rustling

of a whole tribe  –

I am back and they remember me.

I am spending so much time alone

I am learning to hear

way down

for the way

that I am one

yet integral –

all alone, so far away,

yet never by myself,

except when I turn on

the radio of my thoughts

and forget even where I am.

The only togetherness

I long for is this oneness

and I wish to only be

near another

who is listening in this way

to the wind, the pattern in the crickets

as they turn on one by one at dusk.

It is enough to know the gift of aloneness;

it is enough…

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the aliveness of life

tree snake with melinda - image by MelindaBlairPaterson (Instagram)
tree snake hanging with Melinda – image by MelindaBlairPaterson (Instagram)

Coming home and seeing a snake hanging around… literally, is a great way to experience being ALIVE! Everything switches on doesn’t it?  The mind, body, and awareness all collide and collapse into the moment of now.

I’d been away for a few days and my friend (a curious and harmless tree snake) had moved into my patch whist I’d been travelling. Here in Australia we have a number of poisonous and deadly snakes, so from a young age we are educated to approach all snakes with caution. In fact we are taught not to approach them at all, but rather back away slowly and let the creature have ‘right-of-way’. So when I found this fellow between myself and the front door my assessing of the situation came at lightening speed; i.e.  probably, hopefully, prayerfully, it was ok for me to quickly pass and get inside. (Note… I did place my bag between my body and the snake just in case I was wrong in my educated guess of it being a tree snake.)

Once inside I realised my heart was pounding and the adrenalin had amped up to such a level I just had to jump around and shake myself a bit to settle somewhat, and I couldn’t stop laughing and squealing, it really was the most delightful experience. I decided to poke my nose out the door and see if the snake was still around. Sure enough, still hanging there on the wire. So suddenly I went from flight to fight…. well curiosity actually, and stepped out with my iPhone to take a photo. I mean it was so beautifully curled around the wire and such a glorious shade of green. I quietly stepped closer and closer. The snake lifted its head towards me, seemingly equally curious to know who I was. We had our moment… gazing at each other, the shot was taken, and then the snake effortless unwound itself and headed up onto the roof.

OMG… how alive is that!

In recent weeks I’ve found a letting go or lack of interest in speaking about or listening to non-duality teachings. What use to be a huge source of ‘hunger’ for many years has quietly and unsuspectingly been replaced with a sense of ‘enough’. There’s no residue in the change. No lingering thought or sensation wishing it was different, or missing how it use to be, but rather like the snake, something else has moved in when the ‘me’ had gone away for a few days.

What appears to be here now is a keen interest in the Alive-ness of life. It feels extraordinarily simple. There is no longer any need of books to read, teacher to listen to, or spiritual conversation to be had… but rather just being with whatever shows up in the day in a kind of fascination. Awareness and Aliveness appear to be one and the same. Mx


Image by Melinda Blair Paterson
verandah morning contemplation – image by MelindaBlairPaterson (Instagram)


Do you ever have those moments in life when you feel ‘done’? I don’t mean from an exhausted place but rather an awareness of whatever has been happening in your life, however you’ve been playing the game… it’s over. You just can’t do it any longer. You can feel the turning of the tide and a quiet knowing appears that informs you… life with this person, place or event won’t look or interact the same from now on.

I’ve experienced this recently with some friends. Friends that I’ve had a long and close relationship with for years, and then one day I hang up the phone, or walk away from the connection and it’s there…. that feeling… the knowing. I call it ‘done’.

Interestingly it doesn’t always mean the relationship is ended.

Yes in the past I would say that would be true, but now it appears as a different expression. I notice that there may be a gap, a period of time, some space is created between the ‘done’ and next moment of meeting. For all intents and purposes it may look much like the past, yet I am acutely aware it feels different. The energy, patterns of interaction, and conversation is spacious, the triggers of past are gone… vamoose… as if they never existed, and there is little if any feeling of separation. Instead a love is present. A rested interest in the other and no need for anything here.

I have absolutely no idea how the ‘done’ moment is crafted and created. I don’t feel I have any say. I’m just aware when it arrives and I’ve learnt to stay curious and open to what may appear next.  Mx